Case study

case 1-3-9

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Case 1-3-9   This woman presented with a history of recurrent urinary tract infections. 1. Describe the study and findings in the path specimen. 2. What is the differential diagn...


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Case1-3-8 A 34-year-old woman with T8 level spinal cord injury complains of frequency and urgency. 1. Does this trace show neurogenic detrusor overactivity? 2. Why does the detrusor pre...


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case1-3-7 A 27-year-old man sustained a T6 spinal cord injury 18 months ago. He is not on any medication. 1. What is happening in this trace? 2. What type of bladder will demonstra...


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Case1-3-6 A 68-year-old man complains of poor fl ow, incomplete emptying along with frequency 1. Is there any overactivity? 2. Is the compliance normal? 3. Is the voidin...

case 1-3-5

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Case 1-3-5 A 62-year-old man complains of poor urinary flow, hesitancy, a sense of incomplete emptying with frequency and urgency. 1. Is there any detrusor overactivity?...


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  Case 1-3-4 A 48-year-old female presents with symptoms of urgency, frequency and poor flow with a sense of incomplete emptying. 1. Is there any overactivity seen o...

case 1-3-3

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Case 1-3-2 1. Describe the innervation of the bladder. 2. What happens if the nerve supply to the bladder is disrupted and what is shown in Fig.1-3-2a, b . 3. What...


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Case1-2-4 Describe the images shown in this 23-year-old man with recurrent UTI and abdominal pains. What is the most likely diagnosis and what is the etiology?

Case 1-2-3

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case1-2-3  A 65-year-old gentleman complained of intermittent flank pain and underwent a CT scan. 1. Describe the findings and differential diagnosis. What is the li...


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Case 1-2-2 A 30-year-old women presents with non-specifi c chronic back pain. 1. Describe images 1-2-2a–c . What is the diagnosis? 2. What is the etiology of the mass...

Case Report:1--2-1

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  This abnormality was an incidental finding on ultrasound and further evaluated on CT. 1. Study the US and CT images and describe the findings. 2. What is the diagnosis? What are t...


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Case1-1-10 1. What is the likely diagnosis on this IVU series and MAG3 renogram? 2. What are the important causes of this condition? 3. Are any further investigation necessary or warran...