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A 68-year-old man complains of poor fl ow, incomplete emptying along with frequency
1. Is there any overactivity?
2. Is the compliance normal?
3. Is the voiding phase normal?
4.What type of overactivity is this most likely to be?

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Answers to Case 1-3-6
1. In Fig. 1-3-6 there is severe and early detrusor overactivity with a Pdet around
100 cmH2O.
2. No, there is an early loss of compliance resulting in an overactive contraction.
3. The voiding phase shows a poor flow (<5 ml/s) and a voiding pressure of over
80 cmH O signifying severe obstruction.
4. This is idiopathic detrusor overactivity but is not intrinsic. This means that the
detrusor overactivity is most likely secondary to long-term outflow obstruction. It
is thought that this type of overactivity is secondary to irreversible changes in the
detrusor as a result of outfl ow obstruction. This might not be fully relieved by
outfl ow surgery e.g., TURP.

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