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Case 1-3-4
A 48-year-old female presents with symptoms of urgency, frequency and poor flow
with a sense of incomplete emptying.
1. Is there any overactivity seen on this trace?
2. Is fi lling contributing to the abnormality seen on the trace?
3. What is the maximum detrusor pressure during an overactive contraction and is
there any leakage?

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Answers to Case1-3-4
1. There are multiple phasic contractions consistent with idiopathic overactivity.
There is also early overactivity up to a pressure of about 20 cmH 2 O.
2. Yes, whenever the pump is switched on it appears to invoke a detrusor contraction.
This becomes more marked once the patient is asked to stand up.
3. The maximum detrusor pressure during overactive contraction is more than
100 cmH 2 O but there is no leakage demonstrated.

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