Case study

case report 1-8

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Case 1-8 This woman presented with a history of recurrent urinary tract infections. 1. Describe the study and findings in the path specimen. 2. What is the differential diagnosis in the ra...

case report 1-7

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1. What is the likely diagnosis on this IVU series and MAG3 renogram? 2. What are the important causes of this condition? 3. Are any further investigation necessary or warranted? ...

case report 1-6

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Case1-6 1. What do these images show and what is the diagnosis in this middle aged female with recurrent loin pain resistant to antibiotics? 2. What is the treatment for this condition?

case report 1-5/uroradiology

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case report 1-5  1What is this study? What does it show in this man with a long history of ankylosing ?spondylitis and recurrent bilateral loin pain  2How do appearances var...

uroradiology -case report/1-4

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Figure1a,b shows the CT scans of a 25-year-old male who was involved in a road traffi c accident (RTA). Describe the fi ndings. Compare these with the CT images in Fig.2a,b from another pati...


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A 55-year-old male complains of frequency, urgency with nocturia and occasional urge incontinence. 1. What does the fi lling study demonstrate? 2. Is there any leakage during the fi ...


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A 45-year-old female complains of frequency and urgency. 1. What does the fi lling phase show? 2. Is the voiding study normal? 3. Is the subtraction on coughing acceptable? 4. Can this b...

case report 1-1

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casereport 1-1  These studies are from a 20-year-old man with vague back pain. 1.? Describe these images and what is the likely diagnosis. 2.? What is the differential diagnosis 3. The ...