A medical student should realize that he/she is dealing with the most essential fact of human being(physical condition) and he/she despite the huge possibilities that exist in medical science must choose the shortest and the most accurate approach whether in diagnosis or treatment.
It’s obvious that surgery branches(specially urology) are among the most important parts of medical science and all of us know that being an expert surgeon how much can be efficient for society. A surgeon must have discipline in all aspects of his/her life to be an expert
Most of the people assume that surgery begins in operation room with the first hand movement of the surgeon ,but in fact surgery is a style of living that profoundly depends on discipline and mind clearness. It means that surgery begins with the very moment of waking up and how to do succeeding daily habits like wearing socks, combing, etc.I believe that having disordered characteristic whole day simply contradicts with finishing or even starting the operation properly
The main purpose of this website is training surgery skills and techniques from basic level to advanced and composed of four main parts:
1. PIRMARY  surgery skills
2. E-books
3. Videos
4. Light and truth
The first part includes training primary principles and skills of surgery that every surgeon needs to know like how to knot with two hands and so on. It also includes training painting skills because there is no doubt that surgery itself is an art and moreover having some hobbies beside the surgery like painting makes the operation more pleasurable. Besides, it implies to the surgeon that operation itself has some properties in common with painting like flexibility, patience and so on. So, I think the medical government should add painting lessons to surgery course curriculum. It also has some videos about having strong and tolerant personality because patience is very important in surgery, just like driving that when you drive patiently with safe velocity, you have dominance on act of driving, but the very moment that you lose your patience and calmness, the vehicle takes control on you, so you mustn’t lose your tolerance even at the most critical moments. The next important feature that a surgeon must build in his/herself is humility. Being humble allows you to seek help from veterans whenever you confront a problem in operation procedure and it means to have few mistakes in your professional resumes that definitely will boost your self confidence and passion for going on.
Your professional career is highly associated withquality of your surgeries and this, depends on your personality, mastering both theoretical knowledge and practical skills and partly your innate talent.
Due to relation of personality and quality of operation, I’ve mentioned about it in the first part so it’s worth nothing that anyone who doesn’t want to improve his/her personality won’t proceed in his/her job even after many years of hard work, so having a disciplined, tolerant and greedypersonality determines your following career.
The second part consists of pdf files of surgery books, essays, guidelines and etc.
In the third part, There are videos of all kinds of surgeries and also I’ve written further details under each video. These videos have been chosen among numerous sources because of their superb training methods.
The science section is about history of science, eminent scientists and their biography, etc. This part shows you that prominent scientists were ordinary people just like you and me and the only reason that distinguished them was their ardour of learning. You won’t reach that point unless you realize that you’re enjoying from scientific stuffs. Besides, You must not speak about individuals (whether criticizing or adoring them) and also everything that you can’t change as much as you can. You should know that false pleasures hurt your professional career far more than truegriefs.
In the ‘Light and Truth’ segment, I’ve discussed about fundamental subjects that every human being thinks about them naturally like injustice in history of science, for example you know that it’s because of Nikola Tesla’s great idea of AC current that all of us have free electricity but others literally stole his idea and he died miserably in poverty and debt.
In the ‘Our team’ section, I’ve mentioned notable people that I’ve cooperated with them(with their scientific degreeand address)
At last I must mention the fact that this website is a very small step in training urology and we need your educational videos to proceed. So please send us your scientific content and critics via telegram, email, telegram, whatsapp etc.
Truly yours

Hamed Dadashkarimi M.D
Tabriz university of medical science