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pyelolithotomy -LAP

Catgory  Lap
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surgical aproach to RCC-LECTURE

Catgory  Kidney
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surgical management of RCC Geo,Somm.MD:Asisitant professor of urology          Stanford.univesisity.Agust12,.2015

the Art of Retropubic Prostatectomy - Joseph J. Kaufman, MD and Patrick C. Walsh, MD

Catgory  Prostate
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MILLIN RETROPUBIC PROSTATECTOMY The operation which Terence Millin described in 1945, retropubic prostatectomy is a very enjoyable operation to perform, particularly because it uses establi...

Robotic Ureteral Reimplant Psoas Hitch

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Psoas hitch Introduction In the middle of the last century, Dolff [1], Paquin [2] and Zimmermann et al. [3] developed principles for ureteroneocystostomy after gynaecological ureter injurie...