Transurethral De-Roofong of the Prostatic abscess

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  Algorithm for management of prostate abscess

Robotic Ureteral Reimplant Psoas Hitch

Catgory  Robotic
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Psoas hitch Introduction In the middle of the last century, Dolff [1], Paquin [2] and Zimmermann et al. [3] developed principles for ureteroneocystostomy after gynaecological ureter injurie...

Boari Flap reconstruction

Catgory  Bladder
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Boari Flap   For ureteric defects longer than 6–8 cm, which cannot be bridged by the psoas hitch technique, the Boari flap offers an option for a tension-free ureteric anastomosis....

v/peyronie plaque

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varicocelectomy / LAP

Catgory  Lap
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ureteroscopy/Glue clots Technique/reomve of dust and fragments

Catgory  Ueretroscopy
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Glue Clot’s Tech.» useful to remove small fragments. RECOS:(a) Use 5-10ml autologous blood(B).Remove Contrast(C) before injecting(C&B don’t mix together),Inject SLOWLY directl...