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A 55-year-old male complains of frequency, urgency with nocturia and occasional
urge incontinence.
1. What does the fi lling study demonstrate?
2. Is there any leakage during the fi lling phase?
3. Please describe the voiding phase.

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Answers to Case 1/3
1. The fi lling phase in Fig demonstrates detrusor overactivity with the detrusor
pressure rising to 29 cmH 2 O (normal < 15 cmH 2 O). This is provoked as it manifests
after coughs. Overactivity abates when the pump is stopped (blue bars at the
bottom of the image) but there is probably another overactivity phase when the
pump is restarted.
2. No leakage is demonstrated. The small spike (arrow) is an artefact.
3. This is a low fl ow and low pressure voiding trace. The maximum fl ow rate is
about 10 ml/s with a Pdet at Qmax of less than 10 cmH 2 O.

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