testis biopsy

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TESTIS BIOPSY Testis biopsy can be done as an outpatient procedure. Local anesthesia is adequate for adolescents and adults if supplemented with analgesics such as midazolam or diazepam. The dra...


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suprapubic prostatectomy

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suprapupic simple open prostatectomy(پروستاتکتومی باز )


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INGUINAL APPROACH This approach manages the internal spermatic veins at the level of the internal inguinal ring. It involves an incision into the external oblique fascia. However, it is an easie...


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Ureteroureterostomy After the site of obstruction or trauma is identified, nonviable tissue is debrided, and the ureter is mobilized proximally and distally to allow for a te...

bladder augmentation

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ILEOCYSTOPLASTY TECHNIQUE The patient is positioned supine. Either a Pfannenstiel or low-midline (below the umbilicus) incision may be used The midline approach can easily be e...

(Dismembered Pyeloplasty (Anderson-Hynes

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OPERATIVE TECHNIQUE Optimal magnification with loupes is preferred for precise dissection and closure to avoid postoperative leakage or anastomotic stricture. Through the flank incision,...