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A 45-year-old female complains of frequency and urgency.
1. What does the fi lling phase show?
2. Is the voiding study normal?
3. Is the subtraction on coughing acceptable?
4. Can this be reported as a normal study?

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Answers to Case 1-2
1. Figure 1-2 is a urodynamic trace showing 520 ml of fl uid was instilled and a
straight detrusor pressure rise confi rms a stable normal capacity bladder. The
cough test was performed regularly (spikes on the bladder and abdominal
2. During voiding there is a fl ow rate of >25 ml/s at voiding pressure of £ 35
cmH 2 O.
3. With each cough action the detrusor line stays steady, confi rming good
4. Yes, this appears to be a normal study

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